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Flower Seeds

Flower Seeds

We are counted among leading Suppliers of high grade Flower Seeds. Our exclusive range of Flower Seeds includes African Marigold Flower Seeds, Poppy Shirley Flower Seeds, Chrysanthemum Flower Seeds, Dwarf Marigold Flower Seeds, Ice Plant Flower Seeds, Gazania Mixed Flower Seeds, Larkspur Mixed Flower Seeds, Nasturtium Mixed Flower Seeds, Pansy Mixed Flower Seeds, Phlox Mixed Flower Seeds, Pink Dianthus Flower Seeds, Poppy California Mixed Flower Seeds, Antirrhinum Mixed Flower Seeds, Aster Mixed Flower Seeds, Carnation Mixed Flower Seeds, Cornflower Mixed Flower Seeds, Dahlia Mixed Flower Seeds, Sweet Pea Mixed Flower Seeds, Sweet William Mixed Flower Seeds, and Verbena Mixed Flower Seeds. Our Vegetable Seeds are specially conditioned to maintain good germination. If the packet is opened or normal ageing takes place and the seeds should be used as quickly as possible.

Cultivation Tips
The nursery bed has to be prepard finely by adding farm yard manure & sand. Grooves of 0.5cm dep have to be made and sow the seed 0.5 cm apart and cover it with thin layer of soil. After 4 weeks the seedlings will be ready for transplanting to the flower beds or to the bigger pots. Beautiful blooms appears after 60 days of transplanting.

Specific enquiries and your sugestions on performance of our seeds are solicited.

Contents : Above 50 seeds

M.R.P. : Rs. 45/-

Specifications :
  • Germination (min.) : 70%
  • Physical purtiy (min.) : 98%
  • Genetic purity (min.) : 99%

  • African Marigold Flower Seeds

  • Poppy Shirley Flower Seeds

  • Chrysanthemum Flower Seeds

  • Dwarf Marigold Flower Seeds

  • Ice Plant Flower Seeds

  • Gazania Mixed Flower Seeds

  • Larkspur Mixed Flower Seeds

  • Nasturtium Mixed Flower Seeds

  • Pansy Mixed Flower Seeds

  • Phlox Mixed Flower Seeds

  • Pink Dianthus Flower Seeds

  • Poppy California Mixed Flower Seeds

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